Ayn Rand’s husband in census records of 1900, 1910 and 1920


Here are the relevant pages of the three United States censuses for those who want to see the records of Frank O’Connor in those censuses.


1900 census page including Frank

1910 census page including Frank

1920 census page including Frank


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Frank O’Connor’s residence when he was age two can be ascertained from census records of year 1900. Frank was still in the Ohio city of Lorain when age 22 in 1920.

I show here the parts of the census records of 1900 and 1910 which document Frank. (Though not excerpted here, the 1920 document shows Frank at the same address as in 1910.) I have colored the items concerning Frank in red, though in the original all text is black. In 1900, he’s listed under “OConnor” as “Charles F,” which is short for “Charles Francis,” his given name. His relationship to the head of the family is “Son.” He was born in Ohio to a father and mother from Pennsylvania and Illinois. The street name they lived on was “Sixth Ave” and the specific house number was “124.”

In preparing the illustration, I moved up the text stating “Sixth Ave” to be alongside the OConnor listings; in the original, the street name is further down the page, reflecting that the page has listings for other households on the block. Frank’s father is not shown here, because he was listed at the bottom of the prior page.

Owing to the other O’Connors appearing at the top of the listings on this page, I did not have to move the header column to have it shown atop the OConnors. However, on the 1910 census page, I did make such a move. The red line demarcates where I moved the header to directly above the O’Connor listings. In the 1910 census, Frank is now listed as “Frank,” he’s age 12, his trade or profession was then “none,” but Yes answers were given to his being able to read, write and having attended school since 1900.

A change from the 1900 census to the 1910 census is that the O’Connor address was now on "Thirteenth St" and the house number was "212." I do not say that the family moved, but only that the address was now different. That wording was deliberate. The family remained on the same plot of land. The city had changed street names and house numbers.





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