Articles on Computer Programming (Newsgroup Postings)

Okay, okay, there aren’t articles but rather just a single article.  This is intended to become a repository of articles which originally appeared as newsgroup postings but which stand on their own as arguments or elucidations.

If you believe that I’ve omitted an article that you consider worthy of the label “classic,” please let me know.  I may not have deliberately rejected its inclusion; rather, it may have fell victim to a selection process that found me rummaging through hundreds of postings, most of which ceased to be relevant once the original context had slipped away with the sands of time.

Where substantial alterations have been made to the original posts, this is noted at the bottom of the page containing the article.  Alphabetic characters that have been added to words to correct spelling are denoted by boldfacing; where letters have been removed from a word to correct the spelling, there is no designation.  Those wishing to see the original post may do so at Google Groups (Advanced Search).  (This is the successor to DejaNews, which previously was linked here.)  From their “Advanced Search” page, enter for the article name some key words from my title (Google Groups calls it “Subject”), my name (for better results, enter “Davi*p_hayes@*.*”), and a range of dates shortly before and after the date I’ve specified as the post date.  DejaNews sometimes didn’t timestamp an article for a day or two, and when they did get an article the same day, they use Eastern Time, so an article posted by me (then residing in the Pacific Time Zone) from 9 p.m. to Midnight carried the next day’s date on DejaNews.

Google Groups offers comprehensive links to the other articles in a thread, so you may easily find the articles to which I was responding and those which would amplify or extend what was said by me.  I trust you’ll notice that I’m detailing how you may go about finding out whether I’ve ever quoted another person’s post out of context!

(My suggestion that you enter as my name “davi*p_hayes@*.*” is based upon this excluding other persons with my name; this allows retrieval regardless of whether I was using an underscore before the “p”; this gives appropriate results no matter which internet service provider I had at the time.)


Also included herein: posts on the same subjects as the articles

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