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If you have such a strong interest in the philosophy, life, tastes and interests of Ayn Rand that you want to know more than what she wrote in her own writings (whether her novels, non-fiction essays, plays, correspondence, and miscellaneous other writings), you should be interested in the content linked here.

The common denominator of these offerings is that each addresses an aspect of Ayn Rand or her philosopher not generally written about.  Many of the text pages debunk falsehoods widely disseminated elsewhere.  The illustrated PDF pages linked here are unique from material found elsewhere in that my pages visually represent the ideas under discussion, though the ideas themselves are those of the books cited.  The post-1982 essays and text pages linked here all present original research done by the proprietor of this web site.


Movies of Interest to Objectivists

This web site lists 400 films having at least one of the following attributes: it was worked on by Ayn Rand or her husband; it was discussed by Miss Rand, the contributing writers of her magazines, or other prominent Objectivists; it is an adapation of an author or a work praised by Miss Rand; the content of the movie or program is similar to Objectivist works, makes points related to Objectivism, has connections with or refers to Ayn Rand or Objectivism, or is otherwise noteworthy for Objectivists.

Ayn Rand vs. Hollywood Self-Censorship

A four-page article about Ayn Rand’s experiences with the Production Code Administration while she worked on the three screenplays for which she is credited, this article draws heavily from primary documents.

Illustrated page proving that Ayn Rand could not have chosen her professional name from a Remington Rand typewriter

The Remington and Rand Kardex companies did not merge until 1927 — the year after Ayn Rand had selected that name and spent months with a relative whose recollection can’t possibly be true.  This page reproduces newspaper headlines, equipment advertisements, and more.

The Source of Ayn Rand’s Professional Name

A brief single-page overview — with animation — which debunks common falsehoods about how Ayn Rand came to select that name.

An Obscure, Unanthologized Article by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s article “J.F.K.—High Class Beatnik?” has been difficult to find until now.  I reproduce it here, after having established that I can legally do so.

Advertising for the novel of The Fountainhead

Ayn Rand’s breakthrough novel was initially advertised with ad copy she recognized as wrong for the intended readership.  This web page shows the early ads as well as subsequent ones of which she approved.

Statistics indicating that the movie of The Fountainhead did well at the box office in 1949

To counter false assertions put forth in recent years about the success of the movie, I cite the figures I found in 1949-1950 issues of Box Office and Variety about how the movie based on the 1943 Ayn Rand novel fared in rental fees paid by theater owners to Warner Bros.

My evaluation of the movie Atlas Shrugged — Part 1, explaining that with relatively little additional effort and expense, it could have been much better

Text introducing an Objectivist article in the Congressional Record that Ayn Rand approved

If you read in 100 Voices: an Oral History of Ayn Rand about Ayn Rand listening over the phone to text which Congressman Phil Crane’s aide wanted to quickly place in the Congressional Record and wondered what that text was, I reproduce it here.

Actors Chosen for Ayn Rand roles

A compendium of news clippings, film clips, pictures and new informational text which documents producers’ choices to play the roles in plays and screenplays written by Ayn Rand.  There is information on projects on which Ayn Rand was employed but which were never produced, and a table on her choices to play roles in Atlas Shrugged had it been produced in her lifetime.

Ayn Rand endorses a book in an ad

Ayn Rand considered her name to be of value and sued over its use on a book cover without her authorization — but once in her lifetime she wrote a recommendation of another author’s book which appeared in advertising for that other book.  (The other author was not an Objectivist.)

Ayn Rand’s generosity

Ayn Rand is unfairly besmirched with a reputation of upholding an insular, solipsistic form of selfishness (so-called), yet news accounts prove that she provided her time to organizations which promoted views opposite of her own under circumstances where what she received from the exchange was an opportunity to reach audiences who otherwise would not hear here. This web page focuses on Rand’s cooperation with Pacifica Radio and the Ford Hall Forum.

Ecology movement grew out of protests against U.S.-Vietnam War

A collection of evidence supporting statements by Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff that the environmentalist movement began as a desperate effort to unite rabid left-wingers in an effort to sell the far-left agenda to average Americans.

CopyrightData copyright information page no. 2

CopyrightData copyright information page no. 3

These two pages from among the many dozens at my informational web site use Ayn Rand in examples.

A Pictorial Look at Streets Named After Ayn Rand Characters

Did Atlantis go up in a New Jersey business park?

Tea Party September 2009

Tea Party April 2010

These two heavily-illustrated web pages contain numerous photos I shot at Tea Party events in Washington, D.C., with dedicated sections showing signs referencing Ayn Rand and “Atlas Shrugged.”

A potpourri pictorial review of parallels between Ayn Rand works and popular culture

Did you know that the phrase “one-two-three-many” appeared in a 1943 movie decades before Miss Rand published Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology?  I have a video clip, along with New York broadcast times 1953-1967.  And there’s more!

The music works of Peter Tchaikovsky searchable database website

Tchaikovsky was a favorite composer of Ayn Rand (and is mentioned in the “boy on the bicycle” scene in “The Fountainhead”).  This page lets visitors retrieve from a MySQL database that I programmed.

Altruism: Basis of Nazism (a video)

Ten minutes which use film footage of Hitler to demonstrate that he evoked altruism in pushing his policies — just as Ayn Rand argued — supplemented by graphs suggesting that academia has been attempting to absolve the left of its connection to the ideology which led to the Holocaust deaths.  The Ominous Parallels is cited as recommended reading.

Man is a Contractual Animal (a video), Laws Aplenty (three-video series), and Actors Chosen for Ayn Rand Roles (six-installment video series)

“Man is a Contractual Animal” is a statement by Ayn Rand which I validate in six minutes of film clips and new narration.  The Laws Aplenty series consists mostly of video I shot in the U.S. Library of Congress which demonstate how voluminous is the Federal law bound in books.  Actors Chosen for Ayn Rand Roles is my series of videos about Ayn Rand’s stage and screen works (whether produced or not), told through newspaper passages, advertisments, and film clips of the actors named for stage roles and unproduced screenplays.

Ayn Rand on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

This page documents Ayn Rand’s appearances on Carson’s late-night national-network talk show, providing newspaper clippings demonstrating when she appeared and who else appeared on the program.  The page dispels falsehoods reported elsewhere that Ayn Rand had at least once been scheduled as sole guest.  The information also shows there being only a single confirmable incident of a guest being bumped to allow Ayn Rand more time.

Reviews of books related to Ayn Rand posted at

These links will take you near—but not necessarily directly to—my reviews of the books named below:
Ayn Rand and the World She Made
Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion
Ayn Rand At 100
What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand
Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right
The Fountainheads: Wright, Rand, the FBI and Hollywood
Essays on Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

Retired Search Engine Associated With above site Movies of Interest to Objectivists

Years ago, I made available information on when movies and television programs listed in “Movies of Interest to Objectivists” were being shown on cable and satellite.

Frank O’Connor in the censuses of 1900, 1910 and 1920

While Ayn Rand’s husband was growing up, his name and basic information appeared in United States Government census records done of his home town of Lorain, Ohio.

Study tools for the book “Understanding Objectivism”

A chart which positions the twenty concepts which readers are to organize hierarchically (readers should have already read past page 161 before consulting this aide)
The full-page opinion ad by Peter Schwartz referred to in the text of the book (from The New York Times, September 11, 1983)

Study tools for the book “The DIM Hypothesis”

The five modes of DIM explained briefly, citing the book, and positioned on the page to represent their relationships to each other
DIM by era — the information from the table on the end-sheet of the book, but repositioned to make stand out that ideas to emerge in later eras represent more extreme modes
The fork in the road of DIM, an informational illustration showing the relationship of non-integration to Disintegration, Integration and Mis-integration

Study tool for the book “Objectivism: the Philosophy of Ayn Rand”

Table of the chapter and section headings with key concepts (according to my judgment) in larger type

Study tool for the book “Introduction to Objectivism Epistemology”

The abstraction-from-abstractions point illustrated through a strata of quadrilaterals that are defined by the addition of a new distinguishing characteristic added those of the previous layers.